What our Resorts Say

My experience with the team at Premier Custom Albums was delightfully unexpected and something that I’ve always cherished and appreciated.  Their service levels are impeccable and they were able to take our Wedding/Photography business at Atlantis to an entirely new level.  We increased photography revenue by more than 700% and were able to enjoy bottom line profit without increasing any labor or expenses on our end.

The team was always patient, responsive, and kind and they became more like family than a vendor.  I had the opportunity to visit their facilities in Barrington and I was blown away.  First off, there was a sign on the front door welcoming me!  Then, as I toured the massive building, I could not believe the size of the operation or the number of employees…. And what a great culture!  Everyone seemed to be so connected to the company and invested in its success.  It was refreshing!  What impacted me the most is that the team at Premier had always treated my team, our couples, and myself like we were their only (and most important) client.  When I gained a better understanding of the scope of their business, I realized this is just who they are… and everyone is treated with the same passion and commitment.

Premier is responsible for over a 1000 happy Atlantis couples over the past 7 years.  They KNOW this business and will work with you to create an overall strategy for your wedding photography services, products, and post event experience.  The peace of mind of knowing that couples are in such great hands during the planning and post-event process is priceless.  Premier empowers their team to make decisions on the spot that lead to unprecedented customer satisfaction levels.  If there ever was an issue, it was resolved and rectified before it even made it back to my team and our customers were thrilled with their quick turnaround time and how quickly their albums were in their hands to enjoy after their wedding.

I’ve been in the hospitality business for 25 years and I can without a doubt tell anyone that Premier has been my favorite vendor to work with throughout my career.  I would recommend their services to small and large businesses alike.  You have absolutely nothing to lose…. And a whole lot to gain.

Call them today!!!!  Your bottom line will thank you!

Anna Schmid
Previous VP of Weddings & Special Events
Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

What our Partners Say

To all at Premier Custom Albums,

I wanted to write a brief appreciation for your attention to quality and especially your attention to service. For over thirty years our studio has utilized an assortment of photo labs and printers. Some have provided excellent products or services and in some cases both. The changing business needs have forced most to close or sacrifice quality or service forcing our group to search for new vendors.

In all the years, as good as many of our printers have been, we’ve never worked with a company like Premier Custom Albums that goes above and beyond for each order. The quality and turn around time of your printing are only superseded by your service, kindness, and willingness to work with us, your client. Thank you to Jennifer and to all that help make our job easier and our product the best it can be.

George Papadakis
Papadakis Photography

What Their Clients Say

Thank you very much we love our album and would like you to print it.  Thank you all for your work on presenting our special memories so beautifully.  You are so good at your job as you never came across as annoyed or impatient even after a year and a half.  So professional and dedicated!  I’m so happy you didn’t give up on us.  We both turn 30 at the end of March and so happy we’ll have it by the time our friends and family gather for our 30th birthday celebrations.

Precious Rubie-Moloney

We received the album.  It is absolutely beautiful!  We love it!  Thank you.

Erica McKenzie

The canvas looks beautiful.  We love it!  Thanks so much!

Sheri Morse

Thank you.  You all did such a great job with the picture arrangement, I’ve never seen a book like this!  So excited to show it to everyone!  Thank you again.

Kym Boyer

I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are so happy with the album!  It is beautiful!  Thanks so much for all of your help.

Christina Gibilaro

LOVE the albums!!

Lauren Deutsch